If you've been invited to a baby shower, there's a good chance you'll be scratching your head, trying to figure out what the perfect present might be. Do you get the mother or the infant a baby shower gift? Allow us to clear your mind if these are the questions that are bothering you. A baby shower present is often intended to make life simpler for the new parents by aiding them in any way possible with the care of their new family member, be it for the mother or the baby.

Given that pregnant parents already have a lot on their plates, you'll want to get them a present that they will value and utilize. You don't need to be a parenting guru to pick out a nice present with this guidebook because we've done the legwork for you!  Here are some baby shower gift ideas from our collection. You'll have as much joy shopping for them as they will receiving them (since baby things are just so darn gorgeous!). All our baby shower gifts can be gift wrapped with a personalized theme gift card note. The packaging is going to be too yummy to even unwrap.

Set of: Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddles (Pack of 2), Burp Cloth and Wipe Cloths

Swaddling babies is not a new age ‘thing’ but has been part of caring for babies for centuries. It makes a baby feel like he’s back inside the womb or like he is being snuggled close hence making him sleep better. More about swaddling (pros and cons) in our Swaddling Section.

Our soft and gentle muslin swaddle sheets printed with watermelon pops, boats, loving llamas, etc are truly the next best thing to a mum’s hug. Made from 100% Organic Cotton yarns, it's completely safe for babies and promotes a sustainable environment. The dyes and Prints used are non-toxic and OEKO-TEK certified to ensure that the fabric is chemical-free.                                                                                                                 

Cuter still is that they can be paired with a matching, reversible burp cloth with extra-large coverage for spill protection. A set of  2 matching wipe cloths with terry lining completes this beautiful set. The wipe cloths come free with this set. All items can be purchased individually. CHECK OUT OUR RANGE OF MUSLIN CLOTH HERE.

Bring on the baby mush! 

Baby Blankets 


A blanket is a baby’s most used accessory. It is almost like their second skin and what else, their fashion statement. Be it summer or winter there is a blanket for all seasons. Take your pick from our themed or generic blankets – unicorns, baby elephants, jungle animals, cars, space shuttle, polar bears. Most part of the range is made from 100% organic cotton and comes in 2 variations – Sherpa lined for the winters and without Sherpa for the summers.

You can take your pick from here.


Baby – Cot Bedding Set

Baby’s cot is often the most used part of the nursery. Considering that this is where they are going to be spending most part of the day, cot bedding sets are a good gifting idea for new parents. We have gender neutral prints . Fitted cot sheets, bolsters, pillows, diaper pouches, quilt, and quilted cushion are all included in our bedding set. There are prints that you will fall in love with and would want to make you have a baby ;)!  

The quilts have very intricate embroidery and applique work. Each piece is drool-worthy! The cot sets are good to go till 2 years of age.

100%, GOTS-certified organic cloth and non-toxic dyes, these good-for-baby practices are best showcased in the complete cot linen set. 


Nursing /Feeding Pillows


A feeding pillow is a new mom’s best friend! A must-have for every nursing mother, the feeding pillow helps to take the strain off a mother’s arms and provides good support and angle to the baby during feed time. Our nursing pillows come in various prints that are sure to make the long nights a little less boring.


Baby Rugs 

Our rugs are really elegant and would look great in a nursery or a playground. These rugs are suitable for babies and children up to the age of twelve. Our rug is made of wool and is quite soft underfoot. This is a thoughtful present that will be useful for a lot longer. There are many adorable patterns to choose from, such as floral, animal, and sports-themed carpets. Check these out here.




If you are really indecisive and clueless about what to gift and the baby shower is too close. Then nothing is better than gifting the parents a GIFT CARD from our website. This way they can choose what they want and will be satisfied as well. You can check these gift cards here.



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